TROPES, reviewed.

For the release of Tropes, I enlisted the help of Stephen Buono Artist Services. Stephen helped me land a nice set of favorable reviews for the record, some of which I've compiled here. Enjoy! 

"Mayhall’s nicely unclichéd, rock-tinged, jazz-aligned originals take their cues from Soft Machine, ’70s Miles Davis and Weather Report." -John Payne, LA WEEKLY (full article)

“He’s a very self-effacing drummer - no solos but crisp and subtly propulsive throughout. Tropes is not fusion in the usual sense, but does deftly combine cinematic shadings, baroque dynamics, themes of progressive rock and classy, fluid improvisational nature of jazz. Rockers might say it’s jazz, jazz fans might call it rock - regardless, this is a brilliant debut.” - Mark Keresman, NYC Jazz Record  (full PDF issue)

"His eclectic instrumental debut is an introspective “liquidy” mix...  rhythmically innovative and sonically interesting..." - Jonathan Widran, Music Connection (full review)

"These songs aren't excitable. At times [they are] almost reminiscent of moments of Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life. They're gentle hums. This isn't to call the album pleasant. It takes doing to create a series of compositions that can be so calm, so relatable, so digestible, and so not disposable." - Anthony Dean-Harris, Nextbop (full review)

"There are so many drummer-led ensembles making interesting music these days it’s silly to say an album doesn’t sound like a drummer-led project, but Mayhall shines a generous spotlight on his collaborators, particularly Parker, who delivers some of his most beautiful and mysterious guitar work." - Andrew Gilbert, KQED's The California Report (full review)

"...Los Angeles is giving New York a run for its money as a jazz capital for the first time since about 1960. A case in point is the group led by drummer Mayhall." - Scott Timberg, Salon (full article)

"...a dreamy soup, complete with switchback drums, lingering bass lines and floating, tangled up guitar riffs..." - Martin Longley, Downbeat

"It’s the sort of record you might have thought can’t really exist as it falls through the cracks of so many different kinds of music, a kind of a slacker ECM vision with a bit more blood and guts to it..." - Stephen Graham, Marlbank (full review)

"This album shows just how strong subtlety can resonate, and of how nuance can be the driving force of creative vision." - Dave Sumner, Bandcamp Daily (full article)

"The best jazz debut of the year." - George Grella, Jr., author of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew (33 1/3), The Big City blog (full article)